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但是,to be honest, 你还在用这些明显的connective devices吗?




I plan to 我打算

1. I am planning to further my study at UK

2. I’ve decided to transfer my major to computer science

3. I think I will be finding a job after my graduation

4. I am thinking of finding a part-time job

5. I intend to give up smoking

6. My intention is to pass IELTS first

I like/love/enjoy/prefer/adore…我喜欢

1. I am very interested in/am keen on playing online games

2. I am quite into classical music instead of pop songs

3. I am such a big fan of NBA games

4. I find riding roller coaster is rather interesting/intriguing/stimulating/exciting

5. I am fond of/in favor of extreme sports

6. I am crazy/passionate/enthusiastic about collecting stamps

I don’t like 我不喜欢

1. To be honest, sport is not my thing/not my cup of tea

2. Frankly speaking, I find going shopping is unpleasant/drag/dull/lame

3. I am afraid that I am not a fan of parties

4. I can’t walk up any enthusiasm for climbing mountains

5. Personally, I can take it or leave it

6. I have to admit I rather dislike snakes

7. I hate getting up so early in the morning


Preference 我更偏好

1. If you ask me, I guess my choice/answer/preference would be the latter one

2. I would rather walk instead of riding a bike

3. I prefer being a driver over being a passenger

4. Among all choices, I am partial towards apple particularly

5. I consider pop music is more enjoyable than other types

6. It is more likely to be cheaper if we eat at home

Speculating 可能,也许

1. In my opinion, perhaps passing IELTS is more difficult than it seems

2. It is very possible/likely that online information is fraudulent and misleading

3. I have never thought of this question, but I imagine/suspect/guess/suppose 18th birthday is more meaningful

4. Being a politician must be challenging, since they have to take the responsibility and make right choices.

I hope that…我希望

1. Hopefully/wishfully, I am able to be accepted by my dream university

2. I expect that I could have a stable life

3. I am very anticipated about the new life I am about to have

4. I am quite looking forward to seeing you again

5. I keep my fingers crossed/sincerely pray that they can make it


I must/have to 我必须,我应该

1. I am required to hand out my assignment by 6 pm today

2. It is my duty/commitment/responsibility/obligation/liability to take care of you

3. I should/ought to keep my mouth shut since I made a promise before

4. We are bound to/are supposed to/are meant to take this responsibility

5. We are committed to finish this job on time.

I think 我认为

1. In my opinion/from my perspective/as I see it,benefits of riding a bike are multiple/manifold

2. As far as I am concerned/It seems to me that people’s incentives of buying imported goods depend on different needs

3. Above all, I consider the most difficult part/most intriguing aspect/the biggest reason/the best way of keeping fit is …

4. I strongly/do believe that governments are supposed to play an essential role of protecting historical buildings


I feel that 我觉得

1. It is my belief that without preserving trees, our planet would become barren for life forms

2. To my mind/knowledge, children would be greatly impacted by the way their parents’bring them up

3. I am convinced that the only thing that keeps me moving forward is what my father told me when I was a little boy, which was always never ever saying no to myself before I try

4. It is really exciting, isn’t it!

I don’t think 我不认为

1. I would argue that not everyone is destined to go to colleges.

2. I am skeptical/doubted of the idea that successful career would guarantee a happy life, what I stand for is that there are still other relevant factors, including psychological and physical soundness.

3. I am strongly against the view that art education is not valuable.

Clarification 具体地说

1. To put it simply, mobile phone is becoming indispensable for everyone in modern life

2. Riding on subway is convenient, by this I mean/what I mean is that there is no traffic congestion underground, which is the main reason for most commuters’ choice.

3. More accurately/specifically, the application of hybrid vehicles can help reduce the emission of carbide and sulfide(碳化物硫化物)

4. Patriotism is a terrible thing. Let me rephrase that:patriotism is not always a force for good


I agree/disagree 我同意/不同意

1. I totally agree with you, since the trend of globalization is so prevalent in all areas

2. Definitely/surely/undoubtedly/absolutely yes, resting is the most basic need for human both physically and psychologically

3. Well, as for parks, I don’t consent that all parks should be free, there are some exceptions

4. It is not always the case for governments to protect all old buildings

5. Two goals of education and entertainment are not necessarily mutually exclusive for museums.

Optimism 表达乐观

1. I am rather optimistic/confident/certain/sure that more and more Chinese students would thrive/flourish/excel/prosper in western countries with language proficiency and international horizon.

2. My cousin has exceptional talent/gift and I hope/wish she could become a famous artist

3. Due to the promising career prospectus, I am determined to become a lawyer

In my memory…在我的记忆中

1. If my memory is correct/precise/as far as I can remember, I got my first mobile phone from my father as a birthday gift

2. I can still recall/remember/recollect that I started to study English when I was 10 years’ old

3. This letter brought so many good memories to my mind

4. This picture is a reminder/record about what happened on that day

5. That trip left me a lasting impression

6. They did this in the remembrance of their friendship


I was surprised that…我很惊喜

1. I was surprised/stunned/amazed/marveled by the view of Niagara waterfall

2. I was shocked/astonished by the news that Yao retired.

3. My mind was blown while I was watching a gig performed by Jay Chou last week.

I am a bit worried…我有点担心

1. I am a bit worried/concerned by the baneful consequences brought by environmental pollution.

2. It left me nothing but anxiety when I realized that I failed my exam.

3. I was rather apprehensive/nervous/unsettled that I would miss that train

4. It is many people’s concern that square dancing is quite annoying/disturbing/perturbing

I am willing to 我愿意做…

1. Michael is willing to give anyone a hand whoever need help

2. I’d be happy/pleased/delighted to do you this favor

3. It is absolutely not a problem at all for me to replace your work

4. Thanks for your willingness and goodwill

Story-telling 讲故事

1. Gradually, they fell in love with each other

2. While I was waiting the bus, Michael unexpectedly appeared in front of me

3. Sadly, Jack didn’t make it to survive

4. Not surprisingly, they came back to each other as what I predicted beforehand

5. Thankfully/luckily/as luck would have it, there was one person responded to my request on the street.

6. At the very beginning, afterwards, then, after that,eventually, finally